The Importance of Dressing for the Job You Want


There are many components that go into whether or not you are hired for a position at a company, however, one that is often overlooked by potential employees is their attire. When you are going into an interview, making a good impression is imperative. Not only by how you behave, but also by how you look. Needless to say, your clothing plays a large role in how you look the part for the company. What you wear will depend on what type of interview you are going to, as well as what type of position you hope to attain. Keep in mind, it is always better to be a little overdressed instead of underdressed. If you are confused as to what to wear to the interview, do not be afraid to ask. Call the scheduler of the interview, or their human resources department, and ask them what their company’s usual attire is. Learning how to dress for the job you want is an important skill to learn.

What Women Should Wear for a Job in Illinois

Women should concentrate on a few different aspects of their attire. First, it is better to go with a solid color and a conservative pants suit or skirt suit. If you decide you would like to wear panty hose with the suit — and you should if you are wearing a skirt — then it should be a neutral color, such as beige, black or white.

If you decide to skip wearing panty hose with a skirt, then make sure it does not ride up when you sit down. If it does, then the skirt is probably too short. Make sure you are able to move around in it, and that it is comfortable.

Women should consider wearing a limited amount of jewelry, or none at all. Accessories are always great for accentuating an outfit, but when going to an interview, the best policy is less is better. That means women should not wear dangling earrings, or adorn their arms with multiple colorful bracelets.

If you are considering wearing nail polish, then make sure it is a neutral color, and not black. Bright, neon colors on the nails are not professional or appropriate for an interview. When all else fails, consider going sans the nail polish and just neatly manicure your nails.

Women should make sure their hair is neat and professional. Pull it back, and do not allow hair to cover the face. Side-swept bangs keep your hair off your face, but the rest should be pulled back into a bun, a pony tail, or a half pony tail.

When it comes to makeup, only wear light and neutral colors that look natural. A fresh appearance is always going to look nice. If you decide to go with eye shadow, then keep it to a minimum and make sure it is a neutral color. Do not wear the same makeup you might wear on a night out with your friends.

If you decide to take along a bag, then it is better to take along a briefcase as this looks more professional. If you do not own one and you do not want to go out and purchase one, then a solid black bag, or one that matches what you are wearing, is best.

Interview Attire for Men for a Job in Illinois

Both men and women should get a copy of the dress code for the company they are applying for, but there is much more to it than just wearing a suit and nice shoes for a man. Men should follow some of the same rules as women.

Men should wear only solid colored suits and long-sleeve, collared shirts with the right color tie, and avoid wacky ties with shapes and characters on them. In addition, men should wear dark shoes with matching socks. It is better to wear dark socks because men’s pants may ride up when they sit down, and they do not want their potential employer to see brightly colored, inappropriate socks.

Even when you are wearing pants that fit well, it is best to wear a belt with your pants to keep them from sliding down. Make sure the belt matches the outfit, and tuck your shirt into your pants. Do not forget to iron your clothes before you put them on to make sure they are wrinkle-free. Wrinkled shirts will put forth the impression that you are not professional and did not care enough about the position to take the time to dress well.

Men should make sure they manicure their nails, too. Interviewers will notice if you have dirt under your nails, and if they are not trimmed nicely. Men should polish their shoes, iron their clothes, and make sure their attire is in order the day before they go on an interview. This will help them avoid being late.

How Both Men and Women Should Consider Dressing for a Job in Illinois

Both men and women should consider having their clothing dry cleaned professionally a few days before their interview. In addition, they should make sure they dress for the weather. If it is raining, then make sure to wear a coat and have an umbrella. If it is overly hot outside, then make sure to keep your suit jacket off until you are in the air-conditioned building. No one wants to sweat through their clothes before they go into an interview.